Welcome Letter

Welcome to our Good Life website!

We have created the Good Life website for you.  Think of this Good Life website as a journey – a constant work in progress.  We invite you to visit us again and again to see what is new for you.

We have always known that it is our responsibility to make ourselves happy, to help others who need help, and thank God everyday when we can walk, talk, see, hear, and feel, are of sound mind and body, and can be creative and productive.  We have recently retired after many years  of  life and work experiences.  We are now reengaging in our new work to help you live the Good Life.  Yes, you can have the Good Life, dear friends.  You have everything you need.  Just make it work for you.  Let’s start by thinking about something fun – a vacation trip.

Do you remember your best vacation trip?

You spent hours studying travel brochures, tour guides, and maps planning where you wanted to go, choosing your travel route, estimating when you would arrive, what you were going to do and what you were going to see when you arrived.  You experienced excitement and anticipation leading up to your day of departure.  During your trip, you logged everything you saw and did through pictures and journals.  You wanted to remember and continue to enjoy your travel experience after your return home.  Your trip would be a topic for many good conversations and laughs in the future.

The Good Life is a continuing journey – Not just a point in time.

The Good Life journey is as exciting and rewarding as your best vacation trip.  The journey begins when you are born and continues through many stages of your life – childhood, teenage, young adult, middle age, and senior years.  Don’t make the mistake thinking that the good life will only happen at some stage of your life  in the future.  Your Good Life is now!  Regardless of where you are in your journey, you are experiencing the Good Life journey today.


But you may think, “I am not living the Good Life!  Bad things are happening to me and have happened to me in all stages of my life!  I am not happy!  This can’t be the Good Life!”

A TEENAGER       “Half of my friends’ parents are divorced and they blame themselves.  My parents are busy working and do not have time for me.  People  who I thought were my friends, are spreading vicious lies about me.  I am being bullied at school.   I have no close friends.”

A YOUNG ADULT       “I am unhappy in my marriage.   I am under stress.  I can’t control my children.  I don’t like my job.  I don’t have enough money.  I am not having any fun.  I don’t do anything that gives me a sense of fulfillment.  I have difficulty in my relationships with others.”

A MIDDLE-AGED ADULT    “I look in the mirror and think that my face needs a lift and my hair is drab.  I drag myself out of bed and go to work each day to a job that I hate.  I am middle aged and I haven’t lived.  I need a change.  I worry constantly about the happiness and success of my children.

A RETIRED SENIOR       ” I have arthritis and everything hurts so bad I want to go back to bed.  I look around the house and see that it needs cleaning.  But why?  My children are so busy they never come to see me.   I just want to be left alone.  I can’t stand people, I can’t stand noise, and so I just can’t wait to leave this world.”

Are these negative thoughts familiar?  Yes, we are all faced with challenges.  Most of the time we cannot control the challenges that we face, but we can control how we respond to these challenges.  We can choose to drown ourselves in negative thoughts or we can meet the challenges with positive thoughts and actions.  We can live defensively or go on the offense to live the Good Life.

So, what is the Good Life for me?

The definition of the good life is different for each of us.  We all have different likes and dislikes.  We all have different dreams.  We all have different gifts.  We all have different skills.   We all have different talents. We all have different physical abilities and limitations.  So, each person must define and choose their own Good Life by using what they have been given!

We are Messengers to help you!

How do you define your Good Life?  Let’s go back to the example of planning your trip.  The first thing  you did was to gather information to decide where you wanted to go.  Our task as Messengers is to provide you with information to help you define and live your Good Life and challenge you to take action.  We want to help you achieve the constant happiness and excitement of living the current stage of your life and the planning and anticipating of the next stage.  Our goal is to give you many information tools in our web site to help you live The Good Life.  As we said earlier, this web site is a work in process and we will continue to work for you.  We will start with a new daily inspirational message on our home page.  In addition to the daily inspirational message we are starting with three projects, the good life blog, the good life story of the week, and the good life references..

The Good Life Blog

We all enjoy a good conversation.  It gives us a chance to share with others our experiences, likes, dislikes, dreams, and goals.  The good life blog is simply an electronic conversation tool where you can read the stories of others and post your story to share with others.

The Good Life Story of the Week

We all love a good story.  There are endless supplies of stories of people who have faced hardships and challenges, but through faith and hard work have achieved success.  Constant reading of these stories inspire each of us to face our challenges to live a happier live – a good life. We will select a good life story of the week to share with you.

The Good Life Inspirational Book Store

We believe that everyone, of all ages, needs constant positive reinforcement to deal with the constant negative challenges that we face.  Many good books are available to you for this positive reinforcement.  The good life bookstore will link you with positive references for your life in the very near future.

We Welcome Your Input

We invite you to share with us your ideas about how we can make this a great website for all.  Please click on the Contact Us link.  We want to hear from you.

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