Love of a Stranger

by Gretchen Mavis Turney

Lovers of  passionate romance, political mystery,  and inspirational living will want to become totally engrossed with this new novel written  by author Gretchen Mavis Turney. Love of a Stranger is a perfect addition to anyone’s collection.

Years have  passed since Jennifer killed a gangster breaking into her  home the very night her husband, Roman, was tragically killed. After those traumatic experiences, and suffering from post traumatic syndrome, she fully recovered and began to start a new life with her darling daughter, Katie.

After Roman’s death, his best friend, Brinkley, devoted himself to taking care of Jennifer and Katie. He is confident that he is growing closer to his two ladies. But to his surprise, a stranger named Van comes to town. Mysterious,  and totally unknown in the community, he is  befriended by the local priest.  As time passes, it becomes obvious to both Jennifer and Van that they have known each other previously, but  as time goes by, their relationship blooms despite Brinkley’s order of Van to stay away from his ladies. Will Jennifer fall in love with Van, this man who is a total stranger to all?

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Buy Now!! Love of a Stranger by Gretchen Mavis Turney