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The Good Life Bookstore will to give you constant positive reinforcement to deal with the constant negative challenges that you face.  The Bookstore will link you to resources where you may access or purchase entertaining and inspirational material.

 Book Department:

Books provide an endless source of inspirational thoughts and ideas.  But how and where do we find the books that will provide the information we need to procure a really good life?  We have researched several author’s works and selected those we feel will provide positive thought and inspiration for you.

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However, there is one book that stands above all others – The Bible.

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Also, the Good Life Messengers are currently featuring an inspirational romance novel titled, Love of a Stranger, by Gretchen Mavis Turney.

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“How to” Department:

Find the Best Job:

A good job contributes to a good life.  Years ago many folks stayed in the same job during their working life.   But in today’s changing world it is not uncommon to hold several jobs and even work in different fields.  So today’s world, one must be able to conduct a job search several to find a new job.  The paper, Finding the Best Job, represents our experience over the years in hiring, participating on job search teams, and searching for a new job.

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