The Bible is sometimes referred to as the book of Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.  The Bible is the world’s all-time best selling and the world’s most translated book.  It is a collection of several books written by different authors (many unknown) over a period of a thousand years.  Although the Bible was written centuries ago, it is relevant today.  Inventions and technology constantly change the way we live, but we do not change.  We have the same emotions, fears, desires, and struggles in dealing with the challenges of life as our ancestors.

The Bible provides a road map to guide and help us face life’s challenges through teachings in theology, history, law, wisdom, prophecy, inspirational stories, poetry, and the Gospel (the good news of Jesus Christ).  It records the interaction of God with historical people and nations.  The Bible reveals the meaning of life and the responsibility of human beings to their Creator.

The Bible contains a basic set of rules for living; the Ten Commandments.  The message of the Bible centers around two basic rules  for living: (1) Love God and (2) love your neighbor.

Critics often identify and debate the inconsistencies in the Bible, which can be expected, given the number of authors and the span of time over which the books of the Bible were written.   But Christians accept the message of the Bible as the word of God through their faith because: Faith is a decision, not a debate.

For centuries, many men devoted their lives to translate the bible into the language of the people.  Many gave their lives to distribute the Bible throughout the world.  But your are free to own your own Bible!  If you do not have a Bible, we urge you to get one, read and study it.  There are numerous translations of the Bible beginning with the Old Testament in Greek, the ‘Septuagint’, in 285BC to the popular Revised New International Version (NIV) in 2003.  The King James Version (KJV) was the first English translation published from 1611 to 1769 and was revised in 1982.  The popular Revised Standard Version was published in 1952 and revised in 1990.

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Many films, TV series, and and other media forms have been used to tell the story of the Bible.  The most recent epic miniseries of The Bible, shown on the History channel, attracted millions of viewers. 

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