About Us

Hello, Dear Friends,

Gretch and I are just plain ordinary folks.  We grew up in a small central Ohio rural agricultural community (population 950) in the 1950’s.  We attended a small school. In those days, you had a choice of participating in as many or as few school activities as time permitted.

We both chose to participate in many activities.  We were high school sweethearts and, with our parent’s permission, we were married at age 18. Yes, in those days, parental permission was required if you were under age 21.

We enrolled in a small liberal arts college in Ohio.  Like many young couples, we had plans to work hard and acquire our undergraduate and graduate degrees before starting a family.  But our Lord and Saviour had different plans  for us.  We were given the wonderful gift of our son in only 14 months after our marriage. Yes, our plans were changed.

Gretchen enrolled in business college, graduated, and worked as an administrative assistant until I graduated having earned a Liberal Arts degree.  After the birth of our daughter, Gretchen’s education was further delayed while she became a full time wife and mother.  Seventeen years later, she graduated from a conservatory of music in Virginia with a degree in Music Education.  Eleven years later,  I completed an  MBA degree.  We completed most of our goals, but not on our schedule.

Our careers have given us the opportunity  to reside in different parts of our great country, associate with many wonderful and caring   people, observe many different lifestyles, and travel throughout most of the United States,  Mexico and Canada.  Gretchen traveled throughout Spain with our daughter. I began working in the information technology field in 1962 and worked in both industry and education until retirement.  I still enjoy working with technology by building and maintaining this web site.  Gretchen experienced many careers as wife and mother.  She taught private music lessons and K-12 public  music classes. choral director, business owner, first female chamber of commerce director in our county in Ohio, Real estate salesperson, marketing director, bank management, and college telecommunications coordinator. We raised our family in the church and have always held the strong belief that God gives each of us gifts of different talents and abilities.

We both believe that God wants us to use our gifts to be good stewards and make this a better world.  We also realize, in all stages of life, we continually face many challenges and problems.  But we strongly believe that through faith, enthusiasm, and positive thinking, we can overcome all challenges and problems.  In the process, we become stronger and grow in character and faith.  Whether you are 6 or 60, the learning and growing process never stops.

It is with this faith, enthusiasm, and positive thinking that we have taken on the challenge of being The Good Life Messengers.

We do not know exactly where this experience will take us, but we do know that if we can help just a few of you dear people experience the Good Life – we will have  accomplished our love of our friends and neighbors.

Glen and Gretchen Turney