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Our Good Life
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Life isn’t fair, but it is still good

We all love a good story.  There are endless supplies of stories of people who have faced hardships and challenges but through faith and hard work have achieved success.  Constant reading of these stories inspire each of us to face our challenges to live a happier life – a good life.
Go to the good life story page to read the latest story, “Pearl Harbor”
Our Good Life
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We know that each of you have favorite inspirational story or reference.  Please click here to share with us on our Good Life Blog so we may pass it on and all share together.

We believe that everyone, of all ages, needs constant positive reinforcement to deal with the constant negative challenges that we face.  Many good books are available to you for this positive reinforcement.  The Good Life Bookstore will link you to resources where you may purchase entertaining and inspirational books.

Be sure to visit our Bookstore and check out our latest “how to” article on Finding the Best Job.